Ever feel like something is missing in your life? You could be right. Our fast-paced world can leave us feeling aimless, disconnected and unfulfilled. But at SAF we believe life has a purpose beyond our daily routines and that by exploring the spiritual side we can improve every aspect of life, from relationships to finances.

Visiting a new church requires some courage. Our prayer is that you will sense God's presence as we worship Him together, and that you will feel included in our fellowship together. As a dynamic group of Christian believers who seek an authentic experience with Jesus each week, we study to know Him more, hopefully reflecting His love in our homes, communities, and especially at church.

What to Expect

We know that coming to a new church for the first time can make anyone nervous. At Springdale Adventist Fellowship, we want you to feel welcome and comfortable every time you worship with us:

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Service times: Sabbath School: 9:45 am | Worship Live! 11:00 am

Hmmm, What should I wear?

At SAF, we believe God is more interested in your heart than in what you’re wearing. So regardless of what is in your closet, we just want you to come and experience God’s love. Come as you are, and it will be okay. You’ll notice when you arrive some are dressed suits and ties or dresses. Some choose to wear business-casual. Others come in a nice pair of jeans and shirts. Most choose to dress in ways that are modest so as not to distract for the worship of God.

I Found the Church, now what?

As you enter the parking lot, you may wish to drop off your passengers in the drive through at the front of the church. You can then proceed to the reserved parking spots immediately to your left (our parking lot can get very full and we don’t want you to have park in the grass a long ways a way!). You can also park anywhere else where a parking spot is available.

At the Door…

When you come through the door, you will be warmly greeted with a handshake (or hug if you prefer) and that day’s brochure filled with great information about the things happening at the church. They will lead you to your our welcome center where we invite you to take a moment and complete a connect card, then give you a special gift. If you need directions for kid’s Bible Studies or restrooms, don’t hesitate to ask, our team is happy to assist in anyway they can.

Bible Studies…

We offer Bible classes for everyone. Age appropriate classes for the kids and then several adult classes are offered throughout the church beginning at 10:00. Our greeting team is happy to point your children to their appropriate classes, and lead to you to a class that sounds most interesting to you.

Worship Service

[Please note: Due to changes during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are currently only offering Bible Study at 9:45a and Worship at 11. We hope to resume the Well Service soon.] There are two options to choose from for worship. Our first service, or "The Well," begins at 9:00 and lasts for about an hour. It is a contemporary service with praise singing followed by a time of teaching and study. Second service begins at 11:00 with a video clip, and is followed by a blend of traditional hymns and contemporary praise. We have a time of prayer, an opportunity to return tithes and offerings, and a special story for the kids. The pastor’s sermons are expository and thought-provoking. The entire service lasts about 90 minutes.

After Church…

[Please note: Due to changes during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are not currently serving fellowship luncheons. We hope to resume as soon as possible. Check back soon for additional information.] After church is over lunch is served. Don’t worry about bringing anything, we’ve got it covered. We invite you to stay by and enjoy the food and fellowship together with us.

Once you’ve spent Sabbath with us, we hope your experience is so grand that you’ll want to come back and visit time and time again. In fact, we want you to join our team as we work to tell the world that Jesus is coming soon.


Your kids won’t want to miss their Bible classes—we call it Sabbath School—which are organized for all children by age.  These classes meet throughout the church facility, and our Welcome Team can help you find the right class for your children.  The classes are fun-filled experiences where children will deepen their understanding of the Bible and God’s love in age appropriate ways. Once they experience it, they won’t want to miss!

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