Our Pastor

Pastor Benjamin Orian

While most children dream of being firefighters and policemen, Pastor Ben's childhood dream was to be a preacher.  In those days it was because that was what his Dad was—and he wanted to be just like him.  But when Ben was 13 years of age, and preparing the sermon for Pathfinder Sabbath, he knew this was about more than just being like Dad, it was about being like Jesus; and it was about sharing His love with everyone. 

In 1990, Ben heard about a mission trip to Mexico with other young people.  Thinking it would be fun to travel over spring break and get away from home for a time, he raised the funds to go.  But it was more than just a trip. It was truly a mission, and it sparked in him an interest in missions and service.  Since that first mission trip, Ben has been on two additional trips to Mexico, two to Ukraine, one to Romania, and one to El Salvador.  But the crown jewel of his mission experience is the year he spent as a student missionary in Melbourne, Australia.

While still studying at Southwestern Adventist University in Keene, TX, Ben met his bride-to-be, Silvia.  She too had served as a student missionary—to Poland—and had been on other mission trips to Mexico and Ukraine.  Of Waldensian descent, her family has a rich history of church service, whether as pastors or medical missionaries.  In fact, her father has the distinction of being the first surgeon to successfully complete a kidney transplant in one the most remote parts of Argentina.

Silvia immigrated to the United States from Argentina when she was just three years old.  Silvia started college at Southwest Texas State University, but her dad wanted her to go to an Adventist school so she could meet an Adventist husband.  She still laughs when she tells of how, in the first months of her Senior year, she called home to tell her dad she was sorry he had wasted her money, but she was still single.  A couple of weeks later, she and Ben went on their first date—and as they say, "The rest is history."  When they had both graduated from college, they married in January, 1999. Now, Silvia's dad has the last laugh.

Ben holds a Masters of Divinity Degree and Silvia a Masters of Social Work, both from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI.

Together, Pastor Ben and Silvia have led churches in all four time zones across the continental U.S.  Though his specialty is church revitalization and restart, he as hosted a weekly radio broadcast, planted a church, conducted numerous seminars on Bible Prophecy, marriage and family, and stress management, and shared the Gospel on three continents during his career.  They were pastoring 3 churches in New Orleans in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina hit the city.  Though temporarily displaced during that time, they worked to find all their members, and thankfully, not one was lost in the storm.

Besides her clinical therapy work, Silvia has also worked as a Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Awareness Instructor, a vocational rehab counselor, and a behavioral health case manager. Silvia is also a gifted teacher and kids are naturally drawn to her warm and friendly personality.

The Church and church service are important parts of the lives of Ben and Silvia.  Together they share in ministry; not only to the congregations they serve, but to their local and global communities as well.

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