Mid-Week Study

The inductive Bible study method focuses the student on meanings found in the text itself. Study historical context of a passage, learn the approximate time frame, and who the key people in the story are. Then find new and meaningful ways to apply what you've learned practically.  These interactive Bible Studies are open to anyone each WEDNESDAY evening, from 6:30pm to 8:00pm.

While the Church is out of the building for COVID-19, we will be using Facebook Live to present the sessions, below, are the handouts in PDF format. 

For JUNE 10, download Session 6

  SESSION 1 - Paul's Swan Song

 SESSION 2 - Tender Words from a Mentor

 SESSION 3 - Straight Talk to the Timid and Reluctant

  SESSION 4 - To Eternal Investments

 SESSION 5 - Traveling a Rough and Rugged Road

SESSION 6 - Accurately Handling the Word

SESSION 7 - Christian Leadership 101

 SESSION 8 - Depravity on Parade

  SESSION 9 - Making a Lasting Difference


 SESSION 1 Handout

 SESSION 2 Handout

 SESSION 3 Handout

 SESSION 4 Handout

 SESSION 5 Handout

 SESSION 6 Handout

 SESSION 7 Handout

 SESSION 8 Handout

 SESSION 9 Handout

 SESSION 10 Handout

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